Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Digital Story

For my digital story I decided to go with option 3. The subject I chose to work on provides me with great inspiration and having being assigned a digital story where I could create a video I decided to sink in a few extra hours not only to fulfill the requirements of this week's assignment but also to have something that I can add to my personal video library.

I am a teacher that believes in the importance of building relationships with my students and by doing so I have always shared a part of myself with them. I'm excited to use this digital story in the classroom to help my students learn more about my family. I will also have this digital story now to use as an example of what can be done with still pictures, video, and audio.

I really enjoyed working on this assignment and I appreciate having the final product even more. I'm excited to learn more about the other types of digital story formats such as bitstrips and podcasts. When I get more time I'll try them out too.

I did have a great subtraction story done on PowerPoint that I have used in my grade 5 math classes that I tried uploading to Slideshare. I was disappointed in this since none of the effects are captured. It is simply just the slide that gets saved. If you have text that is layered and designed to come in with specific effects it just won't work with Slideshare.

I can see many benefits with digital storytelling. I want to incorporate this into my creative writing classes. I would also incorporate this with history and research projects in my social studies classes. In science I'd love my students to build a story to illustrate global awareness issues such as conservation. We also study wetland ecosystems and my students could put together a story illustrating the importance of reducing waste and taking care of our environment. The possibilities are endless.

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